About Us

About Our Company

Welcome to Sealing Specialists LLC. We are a locally owned, small business that has been working diligently to protect and restore outdoor surfaces for over 10 years. We have dedicated countless hours to ensuring that the products and customer service we provide are top of the line in our industry. By choosing to operate as a small company, we have complete control in overseeing all aspects of our business. From the customer’s initial first call inquiring for a quote, right through the sealing process, we are 100% devoted to providing our customers with the honesty and integrity they deserve. 

When it comes to surface restoration, we strongly believe that small details, and the quality of the products we use, sets our company above others. Our staff has over 30 years combined experience in all aspects of paver maintenance. If we have learned anything over those years, it’s that the small details matter. Call us today for your residential or commercial restoration  needs.   

Our Products

The equipment we use for jobs is all highly rated, commercial products that allow us to complete projects at a very quick pace. The way we see it, the less time we have to keep our customers off their surface, the better. We have spent years of trial and error with different sealers and firmly believe that the products we use today will be the best for your outdoor restoration needs. Our sealers are all water-based and eco-friendly. They will not cause damage to the environment, vegetation, or even humans and animals. These are not sealers that you will find at any local hardware store. In fact, we strongly believe that sealers bought from these establishments often cause more harm than good for your surface. 

We pride ourselves in being one of the only sealing companies in Central Florida to offer sealant removal as a service to our clients. While the process can be a little pricey, it is guaranteed to restore your pavers back to their natural beauty, once you’ve noticed a previously sealed job has failed.