Here at Sealing Specialists we have over 13 years of experience fixing paver install mishaps. Overtime it is not uncommon to notice areas on your paver surface that have become unlevel, chipped, or shifted. Pavers may also become raised due to underground tree root growth. Before sealing any surface, we like to address these issues and repair them before sealing commences. Below are some of the services we provide when it comes to repairing your surface:

  • Repair of Unlevel Pavers
    • Unlevel pavers will be lifted up and replaced once we have laid a new, level sand base. If the surface is unlevel due to underground tree roots, the pavers will be lifted up and replaced once the troublesome root is removed, and a level sand base is relaid. 


  • Replacement of Chipped or Broken Pavers/Travertine Tiles
    • Broken or chipped pavers will be removed and replaced with a customer provided spare. Please be aware that when a replacement paver or tile is laid down, it may look slightly different than the others on the surface. Over time, exposure to the sun  will aid in making it blend in with the rest.  


  • Repair of Shifted Pavers/Travertine Tiles
    • Our sealing and sanding process is often enough to prevent pavers from slightly shifting. Most of the time, pavers move around because the sand in between the joints have disappeared. Adding sand to a surface will provide enough cushion to aid in keeping the pavers in place.


  • Repair of Broken Concrete Border
    • If a paver surface is installed correctly, the install company should have placed a reinforced concrete border around your driveway, walkway, or pool deck to hold the pavers in place. It is not uncommon to see these borders break, however it is important that they be repaired before further damage occurs. Failed borders can allow pavers to shift substantially. We are able to correct this problem by laying down rebar and reinforcing it with concrete.